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Moving to a new city involves more than just finding a home. Having a friendly welcome, finding the right shops, churches, schools and learning about the community makes getting settled a pleasant and efficient process.

Golden Years moving provide that “missing link” in the moving experience: the welcoming, professional, personal touch. Golden Years Moving offer personalized service to help you re-locate to Greenville. Donna VanNorden and Ali Longenecker have a wide network of professionals to cover all your transition needs. Transplants from New York and England, the “Golden Girls” provide local contacts, property advice, help with unpacking, set up and all the assistance you need for your move to beautiful upstate South Carolina.

Alison and Donna began by assisting seniors in transition but they realized that their knowledge of the area, range of contacts and friendly assistance could help anyone re-locating to the Greenville area. They were not surprised when they were asked by busy professionals to assist with their move.

  • Free initial consultation
  • Advice on location and local services
  • Customized floor planning for new home
  • Work with realtors and moving company
  • Work with landscapers, decorators and technicians
  • Advice on local service providers
  • Unpack and set up new home
  • Assembly of furniture, picture hanging
  • Child care and catering during settling in
  • Cleaning and disposal of boxes

Move in, get settled and start enjoying life in the Upstate!

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