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"Thank you, thank you…THANK YOU! for your help and moral support while moving my mom. It meant the world to us. You guys are great!" ---Andy

What happens when financial, family or health pressures require seniors to face transition? Attachment to a family home, many years of accumulated memories, and the stress of change means elderly people often delay the move they need to make.

The questions and worries become overwhelming. How will they select a moving company? Who will help them sort through the clutter, clear years’ worth of paperwork and select the belongings they wish to keep? Who will help them set up the new home with utilities, technology, painting and decorating? Who can they trust to help? 

Golden Years Moving located in Greenville SC, offers complete and flexible assistance to seniors on the move. Cheerful, efficient and thorough, Golden Years Moving works with a nationwide network of professionals who assist seniors in transition.

“I  was recently diagnosed with a serious illness. My sons encouraged me to move from South Carolina to Indiana to be close to them...They were always punctual and flexible, hardworking and organized...They helped me make difficult decisions. But best of all they gave me an opportunity to look through absolutely everything” ---C.G (Greenville, SC to Indiana)


"I downsized to a one story home and could not have done it without the help of the Golden Girls...we had so many laughs as we went through closets and drawers...they handled my treasures with caution and respect"---J.R (Greenville, SC)

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"My aunt had to move to an assisted living home.  I couldn't deal with her clothes-too personal and overwhelming. I had Donna Van Norden fly up to NY. She sorted them out, and selected the most appropriate. She even found hidden money and the 'missing diamonds” ---Maureen (New York)

The Golden Girls

Seniors On The Move

The Golden Girls offer the warm hearted support that will make your move as easy and worry-free as possible.

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How does Golden Years Moving Stand Out? The answer is the Golden Girls

Most traditional movers simply pack and move furniture. Some companies advise on the disposal of effects and assist with downsizing. Belongings are important, but for the Golden Girls YOU are the most important.

Alison Longenecker and Donna Van Norden, with years of experience in nursing and events-planning, not only take care of all the practical details, but do so with personal attention, cheerfulness and concern.

Golden Years

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"We appreciate all you do for our community and our residents. I look forward to working with you on future projects and I know that when you are involved everything will be done in the most professional and excellent manner"---Marketing manager of local assisted living community

  • Free initial consultation
  • Plan your transition with you
  • Customized floor planning for new home 
  • Organize and de-clutter
  • Practical help following bereavement
  • Advise on items to keep or dispose of to family members, consignment shops, auction or sale or charitable donations
  • Work with moving company and service contractors
  • Organize change of address and move notifications
  • Assist with paperwork and family records 
  • Coordinate decorators and painters for new home
  • Unpack and set up new home
  • Care and follow up until client is happily settled
+1.864-704-3581                      +1.864-901-3870

"It was a pleasure working with both of you and we appreciate everything you did - what a help you were.  Your expertise and professionalism was wonderful and made our move a lot easier" ---Marianne (Greenville, SC to Santa Barbara, CA)